Josiah Weaver
Outdoors Photographer & Creative Artist

Gear List

This is my primary camera for both photos and video. C-LOG Version.

I love using this lens for weddings, events, and landscapes.

My go-to lens. It gets used the most and has the most battle scars out of anything from my kit.

This is the perfect tool for anyone who captures video.

I only own two of these. One is always in use and the other is charging during a session.

This is my primary SD card for footage. Works great with 4K footage from the 5D IV.


This card is always in my camera and never comes out.

This holds all my camera, filters, and lens when I’m using my hiking pack.

This cover has saved me several times when hiking during a rain storm.

This glass protector is worth buying. It doesn’t hinder touch.

This gets used during every single long exposure.

What I use to capture my backup audio.

The ND filter that I use for my long exposures.

I use this to cut unwanted glare from the sun in my landscapes.

You’ll need this to attach the Polarizer to the rest of the kit.

This holds the ND filter and Polarizer in place in front of the lens.

This attaches to my 16-35mm lens to hold the filters.

This attaches to my 70-200mm lens to hold the filters.


Holds all my RAWS. 5TB version with USB-C only. (Includes USB 3.0 cable)

2015 15” MacBook Pro

I use this everyday for anything from a second angle to a shutter remote for my camera.

Because nothing is better than the smell and feeling of leather. Nothing.

I use this for my phone, lights, flashes, or my recorder.

This allows me to attach my iPhone to any tripod.


I use this during interviews for reference audio.


I use this when I only need a simple audio capture of a talent during an interview.

These power my Zoom and Rode Link setups. Comes with a charger.

This charges my iPhone and Ronin-S when I’m traveling. USB-C.

Got this tripod used.

I use this when I want to be light. I also got this tripod used.